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GlobalTranz TMS for Agents

Exclusively available to GlobalTranz freight agents, the GlobalTranz TMS offers control tower visibility into your transportation operation, allowing you to serve your customer's needs with agility, accuracy, and efficiency.

GlobalTranz TMS for Agents

Innovative Technology to Take Your Business – and Your Earning Potential – to the Next Level

We support our freight agents with innovative technology that empowers them to serve the ever-changing needs of their diverse customer base and grow their business. Live interactive maps. Near real-time carrier capacity and rates. Extensive updates on weather, fuel stops, and traffic. Robust business intelligence and reporting. It’s everything you need to match the right carriers to the right shippers and create value for your customers.

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    Visualize Your Success

    Search-driven analytics keeps numbers and actionable insights into your sales and customers at your fingertips with real-time reporting on present and historical KPI data.

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    Stay Connected

    Tired of playing phone tag and sending emails that go unanswered? Our built-in chat feature keeps you continuously connected with your team, your customers and GlobalTranz corporate.

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    Customized Control

    Our intuitive interface allows you to view your entire business at a glance or only the tools you need. Access real-time reporting and analytics features to optimize your daily workflow and monitor your earnings.


GlobalTranz TMS Capabilities

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    Rate, Quote & Order Management

    Run rates and manage LTL, TL, volume, partial, expedite and intermodal multi-currency quotes. Connect your customer loads to available capacity. Build and tender loads, dispatch for pickup.

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    Real-time Tracking & Notifications

    Track all your loads on live interactive maps, from booking to invoice, in real-time. Integrate all forms of 3rd party tracking from any carrier in one place.

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    Analytics & Business Intelligence

    Reporting and dashboard tools for identifying trends, optimizing freight and monitoring financials. AI and search-driven analytics to help you grow your profits.

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    Comprehensive Integration Tools

    API and EDI integration to connect all business systems for you and your clients.

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    Custom Workflow Management

    Enhance productivity, and drive profitability with machine learning and automation.

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    Back-office Tools

    Manage credit, invoicing, insurance, payments, receivables and financial reporting. Provide freight pay and audit services to your clients.

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    Customer & Vendor Management

    Manage all customer info, common commodities, locations, billing and more. Customize margin controls by length of haul, accessorial, service type and more. 

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    Best-In-Class Carrier Network

    Utilize a pre-qualified network of 85,000+ carriers. Add and manage compliance of new carriers, warehouses, lumpers and other vendors.

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    Competitive Commissions

    Leverage our full-suite of transportation services and logistics solutions for all your clients’ shipping needs. Book shipments for clients, or lean on us to help with truckload shipping, managed transportation, supply chain and project logistics.

Great technology is what separates the best logistics providers from the rest. Out of all agent-based freight brokerage models, we chose GlobalTranz for their technology. We use GlobalTranz TMS for sales and operations, while our shippers use GTZship to manage their shipments. I truly believe GlobalTranz is the best in the industry at providing the tools and technology necessary to take our business to the next level.

– Igor Kapelnikov, Agent Owner

Build a rewarding career as a GlobalTranz Freight Agent

We’ll help you maximize your freight business and build a rewarding career. GlobalTranz is seeking freight agent candidates with at least 2 years of verifiable experience (not including training programs) and a current book of business.

Contact us today at 866-275-1407 Ext 6, or complete the form to have a member of our Freight Agent Recruitment team reach out to you.