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Intrepid Travel's Abbe Lunn talks 2024 agent updates & incentives

Meet Intrepid Travel's Senior Key Partnerships Manager Abbe Lunn whose job is all about Aussie and Kiwi agent liaison and advisor support. We quizzed her on her most recent (envy-inducing) Intrepid trip and what's new at Intrepid HQ.

Meet Intrepid Travel’s Senior Key Partnerships Manager Abbe Lunn whose job is all about Aussie and Kiwi agent liaison and advisor support. We quizzed her on her most recent (envy-inducing) Intrepid trip and what’s new at Intrepid HQ.

Tell us a little bit about your role at Intrepid Travel.

I stepped into the recently developed role to lead the team of Intrepid’s Key Partnership Managers across Australia and New Zealand late last year. We’ve got a cracker team of amazing and passionate travel professionals and my job is to ensure that we are there to support every advisor out there.

I’ve been at Intrepid Travel for over a decade and it’s so exciting to have this new opportunity to strategically support our trade partners. We’re a smaller team than we were in 2019 but I believe we have the right people and skillsets to spread our message and provide incredible support. I’m really proud of how much we accomplish and I look forward to seeing where we go from here!

Anything exciting happening at Intrepid Travel that agents should know about?

The Black Mambas snare walk in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit is a meaningful new experience.

There’s so much, it’s hard to contain into a short answer! On the product side of things, we launched 100 new trips and experiences this year. The new range signals a shift towards simpler and more meaningful travel experiences, reimagining well-loved destinations with a stronger emphasis on local connections and transformative moments.

One experience I’m excited to see in 2024 is camping at the Black Mambas’ headquarters, which customers can experience on our Vic Falls to Kruger trip. Imagine travelling with and hearing stories from the world’s first all-female anti-poaching unit. Incredible.

That’s what I think travelling is all about, learning and connecting in meaningful ways. But it’s just one of the new trips and experiences we have this year – I really do think we have something for every traveller.

It’s not just our new product, it’s also the projects we’re working on for agent support, sustainability, tech platforms and impactful engagement opportunities. Our brand is evolving and it’s such an exciting time for us and your clients.

Tell us about your most recent Intrepid Travel trip. 

Zodiac experience in Antarctica.

I recently returned from Antarctica, which was such an amazing experience. Aside from the sheer size of the icebergs, the neverending wildlife and the diversity of guests aboard, it was amazing to just get away and disconnect for a while in one of the most pristine environments on Earth.

I felt so privileged to be able to visit this region and it reignited my passion for travel to remote and wonderful places where Intrepid excels at providing immersive experiences.

I struggle to explain the sentiment of the juxtaposition I felt, seeing such a vulnerable and delicate environment and in the same breath feeling so dwarfed by it. It’s powerful and it’s made me even more passionate about the need for sustainable travel. I want to make sure my kids and their kids and their kids (and so on!) have this magical playground available to explore, just as we have been so blessed.

I’m also still thawing out from a night camping on the ice and a polar plunge as well! It was unreal, a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing.

Any standout pinch-me moments in Antarctica?

Abbe on a Zodiac on her Antarctica trip.

One of the more vivid memories is spilling my coffee at breakfast as a whale breached alongside the ship. You expect to see some wonderous sights on the daily Zodiac excursions and landings – and boy, they are magnificent – but every so often when you’re just in the routine of waking up and having breakfast, a whale flaps his tail to say good morning to you. That’s when you realise how special this place really is.

How can advisors experience an Intrepid trip?

Enjoying a cooking class in Tahnaout, Morocco.

I would love our advisors to take advantage of Intrepid Travel’s industry rates and experience the wow for themselves. Agents are working harder than ever right now, and for those reading this who are anything like me, taking a break to remember why we are in this industry is important in filling your cup.

That’s why we’ve launched our new, non-sales based incentive. All we want is to hear about you 2024 travel plans in your video submission and in return we’re giving away 10 x $2000 Intrepid Travel vouchers so you can get out there and explore the world.

Intrepid has so many fantastic incentives out there too, whether it’s our Sell 10, Get 1 Free, our reward and recognition for completing training modules on our Agent Hub or famil opportunities – there’s loads of ways to experience Intrepid.

Where can advisors keep up to date with all things Intrepid?

Urban Adventures’ Hidden Montmartre tour in Paris, France.

Last year, Intrepid Travel launched the new-look-and-feel Agent Hub and we’re keeping it up to date with everything agents need to know: incentives, new product, training and so much more. 

We’re sharing our favourite travel inspo via The Goods blog, too. It’s not just great reading in between clients, I actually think it’s the perfect content to share to get them excited for their trip or thinking about the next one they’ll be booking with you.

For more info and inspo, visit intrepidtravel.com/au

Advisors can sign up and log in to the Agent Hub here.

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